Anyone wanting a lift? (Route threw Aberdeen)

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Anyone wanting a lift? (Route threw Aberdeen)

Postby Blizzerd » Sat Sep 30, 2017 11:24 pm

Hey, I'm driving down to the con on Thursday and back up on Monday just myself so I have space for three passengers comfortably.
I'm driving from Tarland to Aberdeen and then down the A90. I don't mind going out of the way to pick anyone up(to a degree).
I drive a 2005 Honda Jazz, it's fairly spacious, 5 doors. I don't drive faster than the speed limit so please don't try asking me to.
If you have any questions just ask away.

Oh, I also have a terrible selection of music and I despise the radio. So please feel free to bring your own tunes, the car should have an aux cable for the trip. Love hearing new music.

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